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What we do:

It's no secret that there is massive opportunity to be had online.

Many young influencers earn a fortune by showcasing themselves putting on make-up in front of a camera and posting it on YouTube.

Others travel the world and earning well above the average wage as they explore the globe by partnering with brands and posting advertisements on Instagram or to their audiences online.

Many mum-bloggers get to spent more time with their children, thanks to online revenue. Created by sharing tips, tricks, and things they have learned on their journey into motherhood.

Retirees no longer have to rely on the pension or 401k's thanks to revenue generated from their Amazon business selling bathroom products night and day.

...The stories and examples are endless.

After travelling the world for over 5-years, Hannah & I (Nathan) decided to build Wired Creatives to help individuals like you tap into the online world and establish your own brands online.

To fund our travels, we use social media to earn a great income through our travel blogs and by selling products for brands we partner with. We now have over 4000 students enrolled inside Wired Creatives making the most incredible community of inspiring people from all over the world.

If you're a:

  • Blogger/Vlogger
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Artist Musician
  • Personal Trainer
  • Coach/Consultant
  • Or you have a dream of building a location independent lifestyle through your online work

... Then here is your invitation to join our Wired Creatives community and learn how to establish and grow a profitable brand online.

No products to sell? No worries! Keep reading...

How we can help you:

We offer a series of self-guided video courses, live Q&A sessions, and ongoing resources designed to help you establish a social presence online.

Then we help you partner with companies and learn how to sell products to earn a profit as you grow your social following and brand.

#1. Establish Your Social Brand

Our brands World Nate & Intrepid Introvert have been vital to our success online. We'll help you build a brand, website, logos, colour & design. Then work to create a 'persona' for your brand. Define your market and establish yourself on all social platforms your potential customers spend their time.

#2. Define & Target Audience

We narrow your target audience to determine which social platforms best fit your business. We cover all aspects of storytelling and product messaging to increase product sales when advertised through social media.

#3. Products

We walk you through how to partner with companies to earn a commission from every sale you make. And how to find top-quality products to sell that your audience will love.

#3. Marketing Campaigns

We dive deep into many social media marketing strategies that you can use at your disposal.

We help you:
- Build a following on social media.
- Create sales funnels to sell your products through social media.
- Learn how to work with influencers and micro-influencers to increase brand exposure and sales.
- List-building tips for long-term growth.
- Build a niche community through Facebook groups.

#4. Scaling & Automation

To spend more time with your kids, travelling, or doing what you love... You will need to learn how to outsource most of your work.

As you grow, you should be focusing on the growth of your business, NOT the day-to-day running of the company. Many small business owners find themselves stuck in the trap of doing everything themselves. We help you understand how to automate systems where possible and how to hire a team of outsourced freelancers without having to pay them until they have completed work.

#5. 24/7 Business Support & Community

You may want help for feedback on a task you are working on. As a member of Wired Creatives, you'll receive an invitation to our private community where you can connect with business owners, individuals and entrepreneurs from all over the globe at any time of the day.

We also hold LIVE Q&A calls with Nathan & Hannah 2x per month to help get any of your questions answered in detail.

What We Offer:

You can join our Wired Creatives Community for just $97/m or $970/y (2 months free on yearly).

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What you will get:

1. The Get Wired Mastery Course

This is the grand daddy of courses to help get you from discovering your focus topic for your personal brand, creating your website and establishing your brand on social media, finding your ideal audience, introducing products into your brand, and strategic growth to ultimately scale your business!

This is laid out over 7 different modules (you can find the full curriculum further down the page).

2. The Resource Centre

As you know, the online world is constantly changing... This is where we post updates of any important changes and also just additional tutorials to help you further with developing your brand and marketing yourself! It's also filled with personal development lessons and extra strategies that have been working for us lately.

3. How to Partner With Companies Mini Course

This mini course shows you step by step how to sell other people's products as an extension of your own by becoming an affiliate. Through the video lessons we break down how to find affiliate programs, applying for them, and then how to sell the products on your website!

Note: By adding one up-sell to our funnel we added another 20% to our lifetime customer value

4. Member's Only Wired Creatives Community

When you become a member you will have access to our exclusive members only Facebook community. Here is where you can get help and feedback from other members as well as collaboration opportunities!

5. LIVE Q&A Sessions 2x Per Month

Sometimes you will want help and support along the way. That's why 2x per month we hold LIVE Q&A sessions which are recorded and stored in your back office for future reference.

Note: If you join today, you will receive every Q&A session we have done over the past 12 months!

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"OMG!! I’ve just returned home from a two month Europe road-trip in my car! While I’ve been away, I’ve been writing a lot about, where I’ve been, what to do and things to see etc. Meanwhile a local production company have stumbled onto my blog and liked my posts. They have just offered me a free-lance scriptwriting job for their luxury travel show soon to be airing on Netflix! This is a small dream come true, just had to share my news with this community! As some of my friends don’t get why I started a blog or why I’m trying to branch out on my own! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Hannah & Nate! If it wasn’t for one of your sponsored posts to join a webinar, I would never had had the courage to start my blog and this would never have happened - YOU GUYS ROCK!"

- Lauren, Channel Islands, UK - www.innocentnakedthoughts.com

"After the course and following each step, I had more than 4000 likes on my Facebook page, have a small email list of 50 people and enough clients for 3 months. Not bad! By the way I travel full time now! I am in Montreal right now, and heading to Europe next week!"

- Moe, QC, Canada - https://www.moebn.com

"I learnt more from you guys in one session than I learnt in three years doing a business degree in marketing."

- Karolyn Timarkos, New Zealand - http://www.karolyntimarkos.com

"Hannah and Nate have been the absolute crux of my big steps for almost two years now. My passion is to travel, but I need money. When I saw them doing both full time I thought 'they're living the life that I'd love to' but I didn't think it was possible for me to achieve it. But then I signed up to their Wired Creatives membership and wow, did I learn a lot.

I created a blog and other social media platforms and now have about 12,000 followers. Through learning from their techniques and their own journey, I have been able to network and discover a whole new digital world.

I now work remotely full time from my laptop and am completely location independent. All I need is a power point and the internet. I live on one way tickets and it's always exciting with where I'll be next month. Without Nate and Hannah, I wouldn't be where I am right now! They are the real deal and so glad I signed up. Han and I now chat and she keeps me motivated with my journey!"

- Tracey Best, Australia, https://www.askteetravel.com/blog/

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