It is likely that you even began to consider freelancing options because you already had a specific work in mind.

Maybe it’s something that you’ve been doing your whole life or something that you’ve always wanted to try.

There are two natures to freelancing. You can either do everything online, which means you don’t have to meet your employer face to face nor even leave your own home, to be able to do the work. All you need is a computer and a high-speed Internet, and you’re good to go. Being online also means more chances of having clients from other countries.

On the other hand, there are freelancers who are required to report physically. You could say they are the traditional hustlers. They do the jobs that have already been there, long before the boom of virtual work. Because of logistical reasons, their clients are often locals.

So, what are the freelance options out there in both the Virtual and Offline world?

And more importantly… what is the earning potential?

The World of Freelance Virtual Work

Programmer and Software Developer

There is a great demand for coders because it requires a skill that is quite difficult to master. If you already have experience in this field, then you have very high potential of landing a promising project.
Some successful freelance programmers earn as much as $1,000 an hour. Of course, it is less likely that you will find a project that pays like this on your first try. You’ll have to build up your reputation gradually.

Authentic Jobs is a site for options for those who want to work on the web. Their interface makes it simple to search full-time, part-time, remote jobs, internships, and more. They even have listings in fields outside of web development, like content strategy and UI design.

If you have solid skills in programming languages like iOS and WebGL, you could start charging somewhere around $150 per hour.

Social Media Marketer

Welcome to an age where every single brand sees the crucial role of social media in reaching the market. That’s why companies are often on the lookout for a person who can build brand awareness, drive traffic and produce conversions through effective social media management and content marketing. If you know your way around marketing through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, then great, you have freelance options to look forward to.

WHERE TO START? is a massive job site where you can find social media jobs advertised by smaller brands or companies, startups and other clients. Just type the keyword “social media” in the search area, and you will find a variety of social media work-at-home jobs.

Freelancers charge anywhere from $15 to $250 an hour for this kind of work.

SEO Content Writer

With the increasing Internet use of people, this is one of the most important skills required by various employers today. Companies need relevant content on their websites, and because of this, they need writers who not only know how to create engaging articles but also know how to maximise the right keywords so that the websites will remain at the top of popular search engines.
It’s also interesting to note that content writing is now even toppling down traditional advertising when it comes to marketing and driving sales. Employers are turning to freelance writers and agencies to be able to come up with organic stories that are more attuned to the heart of the market.

Upwork is a great source of long-term, high-paying jobs. Content writers are one of the site’s most in demand workers.

The median pay for a full-time content writer is $35,200. You can earn as much as $66,000.

Video Editor and Animator

There continues a demand for video editors and animators in the freelance industry because of the unremitting value of videos as a tool for viral marketing. If you’re great with telling a story through videos and animations, this could be a great future-proof career to get into. Added tip: to get your work seen by potential employers, you can also try uploading your videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Behance is an online community where artists share and showcase their creative work. It also posts creative jobs regularly on their job postings page.

Freelance video editors and animators earn around $80,000 per year, while more experienced video editors make around $250,000 per year

English Teacher

Across the world, English continues to solidify its status as the dominant language in business, entertainment, academics, science, among other fields. Because of this, there are approximately 1.5 billion people (and counting!) who want to learn the basics of the language. Many freelancers are successful in this field of work because it’s easy to get into; you just need to be fluent in the English language, take the necessary training and have the patience for teaching.

Learnlight is a website that connects language teaching professionals with thousands of students across the world. As a teacher, you get ongoing training, support and feedback from the site’s global team.

An online English teacher makes an average of $30 per hour.

Graphic and Website Designer

Graphic designers are hired to create artworks aimed at specific objectives. The result of their work includes brand logos, album covers, movie covers, wedding cards, flyers, posters, social media banners, infographics, just to mention a few. Companies hiring graphic designers require knowledge in software like Adobe Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator and Corel Draw. As the landscape evolves, so does the requirement for some employers, who now require designers that they hire to also know about creating and modifying websites. Usually, what they want for a website is to have a simple and aesthetically pleasing design and must be easily navigated, compatible on different browsers, and doesn’t take ages to load.

Krop has a solid reputation among clients, many of whom are willing to pay designers what they’re worth.

Some freelancers make up to $85 per hour doing design work.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

This job is for the jack-of-all-trades. You can offer companies administrative support by performing a wide variety of tasks, depending on your background training, experience and skills. Some of the most common duties of a virtual assistant include making phone calls, corresponding through email, internet research, data entry, scheduling appointments, bookkeeping, blog management, tech support, customer service, event planning and marketing.

WHERE TO START? is a social network and forum for VAs founded by a VA. About half the posts are from VAs swapping tips, and the other half are from potential customers sharing jobs.

Depending on what services you offer, how long you’ve been working in the field and your experience, virtual assistants can make anywhere from $12 to $60 per hour.


As businesses expand globally, the more there is a need to communicate in more languages—and that’s great news for bilingual people, who can make money by just translating one language to another. The usual set-up for this is you will participate in live conference calls and translate the recordings as requested. Other times, the employer will send documents for you to translate. Spanish is the most in-demand tongue, followed by Japanese, Korean, Chinese and French.

WHERE TO START? is a hub for translators all over the world. Here, you can maximise your opportunities to network with other freelancers and professionals and also obtain translation work.

You can make about $12 an hour on average for this. If work involves technical or scientific content, you can earn up to $40.

Keeping Your Freelancing Offline

Travel Consultant

Are you the kind of person who likes planning out every detail down to the diminutive when travelling? Then might as well put that to good use! Help others book plane tickets, find a place to stay, plan out an itinerary—all in the confines of your home. Having knowledge of travel destinations or ability to conduct Internet-based research is a plus!

Upwork has a lot of current postings looking for travel consultants at the moment.

On average, a travel consultant can earn $35,000 per year.


While it is a given that many photographers take their work online (often by uploading their photos on certain platforms for someone to buy), in most instances, being in the freelance photography game means you need to be at the actual place to take photos.
Photography is a popular field, and you have to produce excellent photos and show pure commitment to stand out. You need to build a reputation--but once you do, the opportunities are also limitless! People have seen the value of investing in a photographer for whatever occasion they have, so there will always be clients looking for photographers like you.

Post your works regularly on social media. Build your blog or website if you can. Create an impressive portfolio by shooting religiously. Attend conventions for event suppliers to build your network and meet potential clients.

Professionals who have a solid portfolio to represent their speciality can charge in a range of $75 - $250 per hour.

Event Planner

People have long given up on the fact that planning an event can be peaceful. That’s why they choose to hire event planners instead. Freelance event planners are finding their services increasingly in demand these days, and maybe there’s a place for you in this field. If you have excellent communication skills, an eye for style, and a flair for organisation, event planning can be a rewarding job.

Attend workshops for event planning. Network with people in the industry. Create a social media account, blog or website about your services.

For social events, you can make anywhere from $12 - $75 per hour, plus vendor commissions. For corporate events, make between $16 - $150, plus vendor commissions.


If you’ve got the skills, it’s possible to make your living as a freelance musician. You just need a little business sense, a good attitude, and tonnes of patience. As a freelance musician, you get to hone your skills, discover various genres, stay relevant in the local music scene, build your network and make money while doing all that! And who knows, maybe while doing gigs, someone might come up to you and give you a break that you’ve always wanted.

The thing about the music business is that it’s such a tight-knit, close community, and a lot of your credibility will come from people you know and recommendations from your peers and other clients. In the beginning, you may have to solicit yourself first to be able to perform.
You can also get yourself out there by posting your music online, creating a social media page or website- -anything to get an online presence. There are even job postings that look for freelance musicians.

On average, musicians earn $60 per hour for in studio session work; $100 per song for remote session work; $50 per hour for event gigs; and $44 per hour for private lessons. Of course, rates will continue to increase as you get to build a name for yourself.

Fitness Instructor

If you’re a gym nut with a passion for health and fitness, then you can turn that enthusiasm into something profitable. The market for fitness training is large and includes people of all ages, body types, and goals. Increased awareness of the importance of fitness has made the industry stable.

To attract clients, you will need to become a fully certified physical trainer. There are a variety of organisations that offer certification workshops and exams—just make sure that you choose an organisation that is nationally recognised and accredited. You must also figure out your specialty, whether it’s nutrition, whole-body wellness, rehabilitation, training for injured and disabled persons, or anything that appeals to you as an individual.

Personal trainers make anywhere from $60 - $600 an hour, depending on their credentials, their resources, and their clients.

A Future of Freedom

Ultimately, freelancers enter and stay in the game because they want a future of freedom. For you to have that, you need to make a decision now to find what’s worth making time for.

Find what makes your soul sing.
Something that you would keep doing even when failures fuel you.
Something that allows you to applaud yourself when you meet a deadline, but not beat yourself up when you’re running behind.
Abandon the norm and depart on a quest of self discovery.

Find it today, and enjoy your freedom in the future.

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